1. I watched my new friend dance in an island Junkanoo on Boxing Day this year.

    The rowdy riotous colors against the night sky and the handmade plaster and paper costumes are garish and beautiful. BOLD is so much more fun isn’t it!

    Made me think of Ushio’s artworks— his huge cardboard motorcycles, his rough repurposed street materials, his constant creative motion: "Draw a line", he says, "don’t stop, don’t think. Next, with a spirited howl of ‘yeah, yeah, Oh! draw circles, draw straight lines and don’t think!"

    Dancing in a constant motion down the narrow streets moving to the beat of children on the drums made from oil cans, one-man floats make individuals appear larger than life, making their every movement a feat of strength and grace.

    The street and the art that comes from the street and dances down the street is thrilling in all its flair and freedom and authenticity.



  3. Jean Shrimpton is inspiring me as I think of the coming Fall.


  4. Ben hoffmann is a portrait photographer I met years ago through my friend Basia whose wedding gown I made, who designed my first company logo, who helped urge Ben to document my wedding and the people in my life who inspire me every day.

    He is a great talent. He is able to get people to do this in front of his lens. These are the people I love. And Ben captured them so well. 

    To Ben!


  5. Vintage Labels

    Searching through incredible vintage today with Shannon the owner of NY Vintage. The iconic American woven labels tucked inside, from Norell to Galanos, are treasures to see and touch. Sometimes more exciting than the garments themselves.


  6. Spring Summer 2014 Bijoux Inspiration

    Dreaming of jewels today. I want to wear these as everyday pieces. Neutral classic clothing worn with flats and the color and whimsy comes in the form of Bijoux!


  7. The summer at 141 Worth Street is, I know now from experience, a constantly bustling building of people from all walks of life in all sorts of wonderful wedding costumes ranging from full on regalia to adorable matching white wedding shorts all buzzing about in a sea of giddiness and emotion and paperwork too as they wait their turn to marry or get their license to marry. Family, friends and children mill about while photos are taken,
    flowers are arranged, kissing is popular too.

    After a few hours of watching the hubbub and the happy couples, our number was called and we went through the
    paperwork at the counter, each signing and snapping one another doing so.

    I suggest when feeling low or cynical or in need of inspiration or simply to be among throngs of people in a
    state of giddy expectation, go visit and sit on a bench for an hour and take it all in.